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We are a Kauai based goodie stop with Freshly baked lactation treats for nursing mamas to help produce and remote milk supply for their growing baby.
As a mom of four ranging from ages 13 -3months, I have experienced all types of nursing journeys from the easiest to the most complicated. The need for a “ready made” lactation treat is an absolute must have! Think about this, as a new mom or even as a mom of 4, the last thing you want to do is find the time to get in the kitchen, make a bunch of dishes, and then try and follow a recipe you found while you were up late nursing your precious baby. We are here to take that hassle away from you and provide a yummy and beneficially snack so you can continue to do what you do best, care for your Keiki.
Nursing your baby is a superpower and you moms are amazing, so treat yourself! This is a yummy snack that you will love and helps you nurse your baby.

We are Mamas Boobie Booster- Kauai Lactation Goodies

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  • Kauai craft fairs
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